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Laigueglia (07.10. - 09.10.2022)

Name Category Country Number of Teams Main Draw Qualification Seeding Date Entry Deadline
WEVZA Zonal event in Laigueglia Zonal Tour Italy 12 (8 + 4) 08-Oct-2022 to 09-Oct-2022 07-Oct-2022 22-Sep-2022 21-Sep-2022

Results Main Draw

No. Date Time Court Team A Team B Result Dur.
Final 1st Place
2009-Oct14:301Foresti/Franzoni ITA [10] [Q]Ditta/Sestini ITA [3]2-0 (21-15, 21-11)0:32Detail
Final 3rd Place
1909-Oct14:302Melò/Cimmino ITA [11] [Q]Boscolo/Giacosa ITA [9] [Q]1-2 (21-9, 19-21, 10-15)0:43Detail
1809-Oct12:302Boscolo/Giacosa ITA [9] [Q]Ditta/Sestini ITA [3]0-2 (14-21, 14-21)0:35Detail
1709-Oct12:301Melò/Cimmino ITA [11] [Q]Foresti/Franzoni ITA [10] [Q]0-2 (10-21, 18-21)0:33Detail
1609-Oct09:501Ditta/Sestini ITA [3]Dupin/Merle FRA [8]2-0 (21-18, 21-9)0:31Detail
1509-Oct09:502Arcaini/Lantignotti ITA [7]Boscolo/Giacosa ITA [9] [Q]0-2 (23-25, 18-21)0:41Detail
1409-Oct09:002Foresti/Franzoni ITA [10] [Q]Gili/Dalmazzo ITA [4]2-1 (13-21, 21-18, 15-8)0:48Detail
1309-Oct09:001Melò/Cimmino ITA [11] [Q]Di Prima/Guglielmo ITA [12] [Q]2-0 (21-13, 21-18)0:34Detail
Pool D (Standings)
1208-Oct17:202Gili/Dalmazzo ITA [4]Driessen/Prins NED [5]2-1 (21-17, 19-21, 15-12)0:45Detail
808-Oct14:002Driessen/Prins NED [5]Di Prima/Guglielmo ITA [12] [Q]0-2 (18-21, 20-22)0:41Detail
408-Oct10:452Gili/Dalmazzo ITA [4]Di Prima/Guglielmo ITA [12] [Q]2-1 (25-23, 19-21, 15-12)1:01Detail
Pool C (Standings)
1108-Oct16:302Ditta/Sestini ITA [3]Coens/Piret BEL [6]2-0 (21-19, 21-14)0:34Detail
708-Oct13:102Coens/Piret BEL [6]Melò/Cimmino ITA [11] [Q]0-2 (18-21, 14-21)0:36Detail
308-Oct10:002Ditta/Sestini ITA [3]Melò/Cimmino ITA [11] [Q]0-2 (18-21, 18-21)0:39Detail
Pool B (Standings)
1008-Oct15:402Szewczyk/Duval FRA [2]Arcaini/Lantignotti ITA [7]1-2 (21-17, 17-21, 12-15)0:47Detail
608-Oct12:202Arcaini/Lantignotti ITA [7]Foresti/Franzoni ITA [10] [Q]2-0 (21-16, 27-25)0:40Detail
208-Oct09:152Szewczyk/Duval FRA [2]Foresti/Franzoni ITA [10] [Q]0-2 (19-21, 17-21)0:34Detail
Pool A (Standings)
908-Oct14:502Vd Vonder/Dumont BEL [1]Dupin/Merle FRA [8]0-2 (13-21, 15-21)0:30Detail
508-Oct11:302Dupin/Merle FRA [8]Boscolo/Giacosa ITA [9] [Q]2-1 (21-16, 24-26, 15-3)0:52Detail
108-Oct08:302Vd Vonder/Dumont BEL [1]Boscolo/Giacosa ITA [9] [Q]0-2 (20-22, 16-21)0:36Detail

Results Qualification

No. Date Time Court Team A Team B Result Dur.
Round 2
1207-Oct17:002Foscari/Zamagni ITA [10]Boscolo/Giacosa ITA [2]0-2 (8-21, 13-21)0:27Detail
1107-Oct16:102Foresti/Franzoni ITA [3]Valdora/Tagliapietra ITA [6]2-0 (21-17, 21-19)0:44Detail
1007-Oct15:202Melò/Cimmino ITA [5]Thieme/Baffico FRA [4]2-0 (21-16, 21-19)0:39Detail
907-Oct14:302Molinos/Billiet FRA [1]Di Prima/Guglielmo ITA [8]1-2 (18-21, 21-19, 11-15)0:53Detail
Round 1
807-OctByeBoscolo/Giacosa ITA [2]
707-Oct12:302Boer/L. de Jong NED [7]Foscari/Zamagni ITA [10]0-2 (24-26, 12-21)0:41Detail
607-Oct12:301Centofanti/Andreutti ITA [11]Valdora/Tagliapietra ITA [6]0-2 (18-21, 16-21)0:31Detail
507-OctForesti/Franzoni ITA [3]Bye
407-Oct11:402Romaniello /Salvi ITA [13]Thieme/Baffico FRA [4]0-2 (9-21, 15-21)0:34Detail
307-Oct10:502Melò/Cimmino ITA [5]Collette/Bonnans FRA [12]2-0 (21-8, 21-10)0:29Detail
207-Oct10:002Scali/Leggio ITA [9]Di Prima/Guglielmo ITA [8]0-2 (13-21, 15-21)0:35Detail
107-OctMolinos/Billiet FRA [1]Bye


Rk. Team Country Pts. $
1Foresti / Franzoni [Q]ITA2400
2Ditta / SestiniITA2160
3Boscolo / Giacosa [Q]ITA1920
4Melò / Cimmino [Q]ITA1680
5Dupin / MerleFRA1440
Arcaini / LantignottiITA1440
Di Prima / Guglielmo [Q]ITA1440
Gili / DalmazzoITA1440
9Coens / PiretBEL1080
Vd Vonder / DumontBEL1080
Szewczyk / DuvalFRA1080
Driessen / PrinsNED1080
13Molinos / BillietFRA840
Thieme / BafficoFRA840
Foscari / ZamagniITA840
Valdora / Tagliapietra ITA840
17Collette / BonnansFRA600
Centofanti / AndreuttiITA600
Romaniello / SalviITA600
Scali / LeggioITA600
Boer / L. de JongNED600

Teams Main Draw

Entry   Seed
Pts. Tech. Pos. Team   Player 1 Player 2Country Pts. Tech.
5528221Vd Vonder/DumontLisa Van Den VonderEmma DumontBEL552822
2483982Szewczyk/DuvalPia SzewczykSaofé DuvalFRA536692
3283563Ditta/SestiniErika DittaEleonora SestiniITA328356
3043854Gili/DalmazzoEleonora GiliAnna DalmazzoITA304385
3023855Driessen/PrinsAnnemieke DriessenDanieke PrinsNED302380
1762846Coens/PiretYouna CoensInès PiretBEL176284
1321997Arcaini/LantignottiSofia ArcainiMichela LantignottiITA132199
1462038Dupin/MerleAnouk DupinAlex MerleFRA108148
82829Boscolo/Giacosa[Q]Gloria BoscoloGiacosa SilviaITA8282
747410Foresti/Franzoni[Q]Martina ForestiSara FranzoniITA7474
596711Melò/Cimmino[Q]Stefania MelòSerena CimminoITA5967
262612Di Prima/Guglielmo[Q]Valentina Di PrimaSamantha GuglielmoITA2626

Teams Qualification

Entry   Seed
Pts. Tech. Pos. Team   Player 1 Player 2Country Pts. Tech.
88881Molinos/BillietCélia MolinosCécile BillietFRA7878
82822Boscolo/Giacosa[Q]Gloria BoscoloGiacosa SilviaITA8282
74743Foresti/Franzoni[Q]Martina ForestiSara FranzoniITA7474
72724Thieme/BafficoLilou ThiemeJuliette BafficoFRA3030
59675Melò/Cimmino[Q]Stefania MelòSerena CimminoITA5967
32326Valdora/Tagliapietra Elisa ValdoraMartina Tagliapietra ITA3232
30307Boer/L. de JongJetske BoerLynn de JongNED3030
26268Di Prima/Guglielmo[Q]Valentina Di PrimaSamantha GuglielmoITA2626
12129Scali/LeggioMarta ScaliGiulia LeggioITA1212
0010Foscari/ZamagniFederica FoscariBeatrice ZamagniITA00
0011Centofanti/AndreuttiGiulia CentofantiVirginia AndreuttiITA00
0012Collette/BonnansCéline ColletteLaetitia BonnansFRA00
0013Romaniello /SalviSimona RomanielloValentina SalviITA00

Reserve Teams

Entry   Seed
Pts. Tech. Pos. Team   Player 1 Player 2Country Pts. Tech.
4547141Evans/MumbyRESAnaya EvansDaisy MumbyENG454714
1681682Dostalova A./FrommovaRESAnna DostalovaJustyna FrommovaCZE168168
1441443Fuentes/SalsedoRESCaroline Fuentes van KlaverenCamille Mireille Salsedo OrengoMON144144

Entries By Country

Entry   Seed
Pts. Tech. Team   Player 1 Player 2 Country Pts. Tech.
176284Coens/PiretYouna CoensInès PiretBEL176284
552822Vd Vonder/DumontLisa Van Den VonderEmma DumontBEL552822
168168Dostalova A./FrommovaRESAnna DostalovaJustyna FrommovaCZE168168
454714Evans/MumbyRESAnaya EvansDaisy MumbyENG454714
00Collette/BonnansCéline ColletteLaetitia BonnansFRA00
146203Dupin/MerleAnouk DupinAlex MerleFRA108148
8888Molinos/BillietCélia MolinosCécile BillietFRA7878
248398Szewczyk/DuvalPia SzewczykSaofé DuvalFRA536692
7272Thieme/BafficoLilou ThiemeJuliette BafficoFRA3030
132199Arcaini/LantignottiSofia ArcainiMichela LantignottiITA132199
8282Boscolo/GiacosaGloria BoscoloGiacosa SilviaITA8282
00Centofanti/AndreuttiGiulia CentofantiVirginia AndreuttiITA00
2626Di Prima/GuglielmoValentina Di PrimaSamantha GuglielmoITA2626
328356Ditta/SestiniErika DittaEleonora SestiniITA328356
7474Foresti/FranzoniMartina ForestiSara FranzoniITA7474
00Foscari/ZamagniFederica FoscariBeatrice ZamagniITA00
304385Gili/DalmazzoEleonora GiliAnna DalmazzoITA304385
5967Melò/CimminoStefania MelòSerena CimminoITA5967
00Romaniello /SalviSimona RomanielloValentina SalviITA00
1212Scali/LeggioMarta ScaliGiulia LeggioITA1212
3232Valdora/Tagliapietra Elisa ValdoraMartina Tagliapietra ITA3232
144144Fuentes/SalsedoRESCaroline Fuentes van KlaverenCamille Mireille Salsedo OrengoMON144144
3030Boer/L. de JongJetske BoerLynn de JongNED3030
302385Driessen/PrinsAnnemieke DriessenDanieke PrinsNED302380

Withdrawn Teams

Pts. Tech. Team Player 1 Player 2 Country
144172Rottoli/TamagnoneSharin RottoliGiulia TamagnoneITA
7686Enzo/AimeIrene EnzoSilvia AimeITA
00Driessen/MeertensAnnemieke DriessenIlke MeertensNED
Live Score


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