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Austrian Beachvolleyball TourPro Seewalchen (13.07. - 16.07.2023)

Name Category Country Number of Teams Main Draw Qualification Seeding Date Entry Deadline
Austrian Beachvolleyball TourPro Seewalchen National Tour Austria 16 (12 + 4) 13-Jul-2023 to 16-Jul-2023 13-Jul-2023 22-Jun-2023 11-Jul-2023

Results Main Draw

No. Date Time Court Team A Team B Result Dur.
Final 1st Place
2816-Jul14:30C1Freiberger/Wiesmeyr St. AUT [1]Kinna/Descamps FRA [7]0-2 (13-21, 15-21)0:33Detail
Final 3rd Place
2716-Jul11:30C1Hohenauer L. /Berger AUT [4]Deisl V./Mayr A. AUT [14] [Q]2-1 (12-21, 21-11, 15-12)0:36Detail
2615-Jul16:40C1Deisl V./Mayr A. AUT [14] [Q]Kinna/Descamps FRA [7]0-2 (10-21, 19-21)0:34Detail
2515-Jul15:50C1Freiberger/Wiesmeyr St. AUT [1]Hohenauer L. /Berger AUT [4]2-0 (21-17, 21-16)0:33Detail
2415-Jul11:40C1Kastenberger/Neiss AUT [5]Kinna/Descamps FRA [7]0-2 (11-21, 11-21)0:29Detail
2315-Jul10:50C1Deisl V./Mayr A. AUT [14] [Q]Elsner/Pfau AUT [2]2-0 (21-13, 21-16)0:37Detail
2215-Jul10:00C2Holzer K./Stabentheiner AUT [3]Hohenauer L. /Berger AUT [4]0-2 (18-21, 11-21)0:33Detail
2115-Jul10:00C1Freiberger/Wiesmeyr St. AUT [1]Wengler/Mascherbauer AUT [6]2-0 (21-16, 21-17)0:39Detail
Round of 12
2014-Jul17:20C2Kastenberger/Neiss AUT [5]Puškina/Hackforth AUT [16] [Q]2-0 (21-11, 21-12)0:31Detail
1914-Jul17:20C1Elsner/Pfau AUT [2]Hinteregger S./Rieger AUT [12] [Q]2-1 (21-16, 16-21, 15-10)0:45Detail
1814-Jul16:30C2Holzer K./Stabentheiner AUT [3]Siposova/Terenova SVK [9]2-1 (11-21, 21-19, 15-10)Detail
1714-Jul16:30C1Wengler/Mascherbauer AUT [6]Dostalova A./Dostalova M. CZE [10]2-0 (21-15, 21-18)0:35Detail
Pool D (Standings)
1614-Jul13:10C4De Meersman/Grafik AUT [13] [Q]Hinteregger S./Rieger AUT [12] [Q]Injury Team ADetail
1514-Jul13:10C1Hohenauer L. /Berger AUT [4]Kastenberger/Neiss AUT [5]2-0 (21-15, 21-19)0:36Detail
814-Jul09:50C4Kastenberger/Neiss AUT [5]Hinteregger S./Rieger AUT [12] [Q]2-0 (21-11, 21-18)Detail
714-Jul09:50C3Hohenauer L. /Berger AUT [4]De Meersman/Grafik AUT [13] [Q]2-1 (15-21, 21-19, 17-15)0:43Detail
Pool C (Standings)
1414-Jul13:10C3Holzer K./Stabentheiner AUT [3]Handler - Hollaus /Brindlinger AUT [11] [Q]2-0 (21-17, 21-13)Detail
1314-Jul13:10C2Deisl V./Mayr A. AUT [14] [Q]Wengler/Mascherbauer AUT [6]2-1 (19-21, 21-18, 15-11)Detail
614-Jul09:50C2Wengler/Mascherbauer AUT [6]Handler - Hollaus /Brindlinger AUT [11] [Q]2-1 (21-18, 21-23, 15-8)0:47Detail
514-Jul09:50C1Holzer K./Stabentheiner AUT [3]Deisl V./Mayr A. AUT [14] [Q]0-2 (10-21, 19-21)0:35Detail
Pool B (Standings)
1214-Jul12:20C3Guggi/Kendler AUT [15] [Q]Dostalova A./Dostalova M. CZE [10]0-2 (18-21, 14-21)0:32Detail
1114-Jul12:20C2Elsner/Pfau AUT [2]Kinna/Descamps FRA [7]0-2 (10-21, 15-21)0:29Detail
414-Jul09:00C4Kinna/Descamps FRA [7]Dostalova A./Dostalova M. CZE [10]2-1 (21-23, 21-12, 15-9)Detail
314-Jul09:00C3Elsner/Pfau AUT [2]Guggi/Kendler AUT [15] [Q]2-0 (21-8, 21-7)0:23Detail
Pool A (Standings)
1014-Jul12:20C4Puškina/Hackforth AUT [16] [Q]Saric So./Bauer As. AUT [8]2-1 (20-22, 21-14, 15-12)Detail
914-Jul12:20C1Freiberger/Wiesmeyr St. AUT [1]Siposova/Terenova SVK [9]2-0 (34-32, 22-20)0:50Detail
214-Jul09:00C2Saric So./Bauer As. AUT [8]Siposova/Terenova SVK [9]0-2 (10-21, 11-21)0:24Detail
114-Jul09:00C1Freiberger/Wiesmeyr St. AUT [1]Puškina/Hackforth AUT [16] [Q]2-0 (21-11, 21-11)0:19Detail

Results Qualification

No. Date Time Court Team A Team B Result Dur.
Round 1
413-Jul14:50C3Leitner/Laubichler AUT [7]De Meersman/Grafik AUT [2]0-2 (10-21, 9-21)0:26Detail
313-Jul14:50C2Deisl V./Mayr A. AUT [3]Haas I./Bisanz AUT [6]2-0 (21-15, 21-13)0:33Detail
213-Jul14:00C3Puškina/Hackforth AUT [5]Guggi/Kendler AUT [4]2-0 (21-11, 21-18)0:42Detail
113-Jul14:00C2Hinteregger S./Rieger AUT [1]Koppelhuber/Annerer AUT [8]2-0 (21-19, 21-14)0:38Detail


Rk. Team Country Pts. $
1Kinna / DescampsFRA400
2Freiberger / Wiesmeyr St.AUT360
3Hohenauer L. / BergerAUT320
4Deisl V. / Mayr A. [Q]AUT280
5Elsner / PfauAUT240
Holzer K. / StabentheinerAUT240
Kastenberger / NeissAUT240
Wengler / MascherbauerAUT240
9Hinteregger S. / Rieger [Q]AUT200
Puškina / Hackforth [Q]AUT200
Dostalova A. / Dostalova M.CZE200
Siposova / TerenovaSVK200
13De Meersman / Grafik [Q]AUT200
Guggi / KendlerAUT200
Handler - Hollaus / BrindlingerAUT200
Saric So. / Bauer As.AUT200
17Guggi / KendlerAUT160
Haas I. / BisanzAUT160
Koppelhuber / AnnererAUT160
Leitner / LaubichlerAUT160

Teams Main Draw

Entry   Seed
Pts. Tech. Pos. Team   Player 1 Player 2Country Pts. Tech.
5109461Freiberger/Wiesmeyr St.Eva FreibergerStephanie WiesmeyrAUT510850
1121802Elsner/PfauKarin ElsnerJennifer PfauAUT112160
3745043Holzer K./StabentheinerKatharina HolzerEva StabentheinerAUT362476
3463604Hohenauer L. /BergerLilli HohenauerLia BergerAUT414432
64845Kastenberger/NeissSarah KastenbergerSara NeissAUT5262
64846Wengler/MascherbauerMichaela WenglerKatharina MascherbauerAUT6464
79612887Kinna/DescampsWCMarine KinnaElsa DescampsFRA8201356
54848Saric So./Bauer As.Sofija SaricAstrid BauerAUT5474
2923649Siposova/TerenovaWCLubica SiposovaMartina TerenovaSVK352464
20130510Dostalova A./Dostalova M.WCAnna DostalovaMagdalena DostalovaCZE181285
344411Handler - Hollaus /BrindlingerMichaela HollausNadia BrindlingerAUT3232
425212Hinteregger S./Rieger[Q]Sarah HintereggerLaura RiegerAUT4252
607013De Meersman/Grafik[Q]Kato Luka De MeersmanIngrid GrafikAUT6060
466814Deisl V./Mayr A.[Q]Victoria DeislAnna Katharina MayrAUT4656
404015Guggi/Kendler[Q]Martina GuggiBarbara KendlerAUT2828
508016Puškina/Hackforth[Q]Tatjana PuškinaLena HackforthAUT5070

Teams Qualification

Entry   Seed
Pts. Tech. Pos. Team   Player 1 Player 2Country Pts. Tech.
42521Hinteregger S./Rieger[Q]Sarah HintereggerLaura RiegerAUT4252
60702De Meersman/Grafik[Q]Kato Luka De MeersmanIngrid GrafikAUT6060
46683Deisl V./Mayr A.[Q]Victoria DeislAnna Katharina MayrAUT4656
40404Guggi/Kendler[Q]Martina GuggiBarbara KendlerAUT2828
50805Puškina/Hackforth[Q]Tatjana PuškinaLena HackforthAUT5070
20206Haas I./BisanzIsabel HaasSaskia BisanzAUT2020
36367Leitner/LaubichlerChristina LeitnerLaura LaubichlerAUT3636
36368Koppelhuber/AnnererChristina KoppelhuberStella AnnererAUT3636

Entries By Country

Entry   Seed
Pts. Tech. Team   Player 1 Player 2 Country Pts. Tech.
6070De Meersman/GrafikKato Luka De MeersmanIngrid GrafikAUT6060
4668Deisl V./Mayr A.Victoria DeislAnna Katharina MayrAUT4656
112180Elsner/PfauKarin ElsnerJennifer PfauAUT112160
510946Freiberger/Wiesmeyr St.Eva FreibergerStephanie WiesmeyrAUT510850
4040Guggi/KendlerMartina GuggiBarbara KendlerAUT2828
2020Haas I./BisanzIsabel HaasSaskia BisanzAUT2020
3444Handler - Hollaus /BrindlingerMichaela HollausNadia BrindlingerAUT3232
4252Hinteregger S./RiegerSarah HintereggerLaura RiegerAUT4252
346360Hohenauer L. /BergerLilli HohenauerLia BergerAUT414432
374504Holzer K./StabentheinerKatharina HolzerEva StabentheinerAUT362476
6484Kastenberger/NeissSarah KastenbergerSara NeissAUT5262
3636Koppelhuber/AnnererChristina KoppelhuberStella AnnererAUT3636
3636Leitner/LaubichlerChristina LeitnerLaura LaubichlerAUT3636
5080Puškina/HackforthTatjana PuškinaLena HackforthAUT5070
5484Saric So./Bauer As.Sofija SaricAstrid BauerAUT5474
6484Wengler/MascherbauerMichaela WenglerKatharina MascherbauerAUT6464
201305Dostalova A./Dostalova M.WCAnna DostalovaMagdalena DostalovaCZE181285
7961288Kinna/DescampsWCMarine KinnaElsa DescampsFRA8201356
292364Siposova/TerenovaWCLubica SiposovaMartina TerenovaSVK352464

Withdrawn Teams

Pts. Tech. Team Player 1 Player 2 Country
360474Rabitsch Mag./TrailovicMagdalena RabitschAnja TrailovicAUT
Live Score


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