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Beach Volley Nations Cup Pool G - Netanya (26.05. - 27.05.2023)

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Name Category Country Number of Teams Main Draw Qualification Seeding Date Entry Deadline
Beach Volley Nations Cup Pool G - Netanya (ISR) Continental Cup Israel 8 (8 + 0) 26-May-2023 to 27-May-2023 -- 23-Apr-2023 26-Apr-2023

Results Main Draw

No. Date Time Court Team A Team B Result Dur.
Final 1st Place
1527-May15:401Tina/Anastasija LAT [1]Ahtiainen/Lahti FIN [2]1-0 (15-8)0:13Detail
1427-May14:501Tina/Anastasija LAT [1]Ahtiainen/Lahti FIN [2]2-0 (21-17, 21-9)0:33Detail
1327-May14:001Ēbere/Konstantinova LAT [4]Sinisalo, S./Parkkinen FIN [3]0-0 (19-20, 17-21)0:37Detail
1127-May09:502Kindova/Petrova BUL [7]Ahtiainen/Lahti FIN [2]0-2 (13-21, 10-21)0:33Detail
1027-May09:002Nikolova D./Mishonova BUL [8]Sinisalo, S./Parkkinen FIN [3]0-2 (16-21, 15-21)0:34Detail
827-May09:501Tina/Anastasija LAT [1]Dave/Starikov ISR [6]2-0 (21-0, 21-0)Detail
727-May09:001Ēbere/Konstantinova LAT [4]Ashush/Barannik ISR [5]2-1 (21-13, 17-21, 18-16)0:58Detail
526-May13:001Dave/Starikov ISR [6]Ahtiainen/Lahti FIN [2]0-2 (8-21, 4-21)0:27Detail
426-May12:201Ashush/Barannik ISR [5]Sinisalo, S./Parkkinen FIN [3]1-2 (21-23, 21-19, 13-15)0:59Detail
326-May14:002Tina/Anastasija LAT [1]Nikolova D./Mishonova BUL [8]1-0 (15-4)0:10Detail
226-May13:002Tina/Anastasija LAT [1]Kindova/Petrova BUL [7]2-0 (21-6, 21-7)0:25Detail
126-May12:202Ēbere/Konstantinova LAT [4]Nikolova D./Mishonova BUL [8]1-2 (21-15, 11-21, 13-15)0:45Detail


Rk. Team Country Pts. $
1Ēbere / KonstantinovaLAT2400
Tina / AnastasijaLAT2400
2Ahtiainen / LahtiFIN2160
Sinisalo, S. / ParkkinenFIN2160
3Kindova / PetrovaBUL1920
Nikolova D. / MishonovaBUL1920
Ashush / BarannikISR1920
Dave / StarikovISR1920

Teams Main Draw

Entry   Seed
Pts. Tech. Pos. Team   Player 1 Player 2Country Pts. Tech.
280067801Tina/AnastasijaTina GraudinaAnastasija SamoilovaLAT27607540
142066302Ahtiainen/LahtiNiina AhtiainenTaru Lahti-LiukkonenFIN14606570
101033363Sinisalo, S./ParkkinenSara SinisaloAnniina ParkkinenFIN10103086
80515874Ēbere/KonstantinovaLīva ĒbereDeniela KonstantinovaLAT8051557
4848335Ashush/BarannikYahli AshushMichal BarannikISR414763
3606906Dave/StarikovAnita DaveSofia StarikovISR8001060
1382627Kindova/PetrovaDarina KindovaEva PetrovaBUL138262
1201928Nikolova D./MishonovaDesislava NikolovaIrena MishonovaBUL120192

Entries By Country

Entry   Seed
Pts. Tech. Team   Player 1 Player 2 Country Pts. Tech.
138262Kindova/PetrovaDarina KindovaEva PetrovaBUL138262
120192Nikolova D./MishonovaDesislava NikolovaIrena MishonovaBUL120192
14206630Ahtiainen/LahtiNiina AhtiainenTaru Lahti-LiukkonenFIN14606570
10103336Sinisalo, S./ParkkinenSara SinisaloAnniina ParkkinenFIN10103086
484833Ashush/BarannikYahli AshushMichal BarannikISR414763
360690Dave/StarikovAnita DaveSofia StarikovISR8001060
28006780Tina/AnastasijaTina GraudinaAnastasija SamoilovaLAT27607540
8051587Ēbere/KonstantinovaLīva ĒbereDeniela KonstantinovaLAT8051557
Live Score


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