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Beach Volley Nations Cup Pool D - Budapest (10.06. - 11.06.2023)

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Name Category Country Number of Teams Main Draw Qualification Seeding Date Entry Deadline
Beach Volley Nations Cup Pool D - Budapest (HUN) Continental Cup Hungary 10 (2 + 8) 10-Jun-2023 to 11-Jun-2023 -- 11-May-2023 11-May-2023

Results Main Draw

No. Date Time Court Team A Team B Result Dur.
Final 1st Place
2111-Jun16:101Gottardi/Menegatti ITA [1]Klinger D./Klinger R. AUT [2]1-0 (15-12)0:15Detail
2011-Jun14:301Gottardi/Menegatti ITA [1]Klinger D./Klinger R. AUT [2]2-0 (21-17, 21-13)0:41Detail
1911-Jun13:401Arcaini/They ITA [8]Schützenhöfer/Friedl AUT [3]1-2 (17-21, 26-24, 10-15)0:56Detail
1711-Jun09:502Klinger D./Klinger R. AUT [2]Evans/Mumby ENG [4]2-1 (14-21, 21-11, 15-8)0:49Detail
1611-Jun09:002Schützenhöfer/Friedl AUT [3]Keefe/Tucker ENG [5]2-0 (21-7, 21-11)0:29Detail
1411-Jun09:501Gottardi/Menegatti ITA [1]Szabó/Villám HUN [6]2-0 (21-15, 21-12)0:34Detail
1311-Jun09:001Arcaini/They ITA [8]Villám/Windisch HUN [7]2-0 (21-10, 21-17)0:29Detail
1210-Jun17:002Mrkic/Sverko CRO [9]Keefe/Tucker ENG [5]0-1 (8-15)0:11Detail
1110-Jun14:302Mrkic/Sverko CRO [9]Evans/Mumby ENG [4]2-1 (24-22, 14-21, 15-6)0:51Detail
1010-Jun13:402Terze/Rasic CRO [10]Keefe/Tucker ENG [5]0-2 (10-21, 19-21)0:29Detail
810-Jun14:301Klinger D./Klinger R. AUT [2]Szabó/Villám HUN [6]2-1 (19-21, 21-18, 15-13)0:57Detail
710-Jun13:401Schützenhöfer/Friedl AUT [3]Villám/Windisch HUN [7]2-0 (21-12, 21-12)0:32Detail
610-Jun11:402Evans/Mumby ENG [4]Gottardi/Menegatti ITA [1]0-1 (8-15)0:13Detail
510-Jun09:502Evans/Mumby ENG [4]Gottardi/Menegatti ITA [1]0-2 (6-21, 25-27)0:45Detail
410-Jun09:002Keefe/Tucker ENG [5]Arcaini/They ITA [8]2-1 (16-21, 21-18, 15-9)0:48Detail
210-Jun09:501Mrkic/Sverko CRO [9]Szabó/Villám HUN [6]0-2 (13-21, 9-21)0:27Detail
110-Jun09:001Terze/Rasic CRO [10]Villám/Windisch HUN [7]0-2 (12-21, 14-21)0:32Detail


Rk. Team Country Pts. $
1Arcaini / TheyITA2400
Gottardi / MenegattiITA2400
2Klinger D. / Klinger R.AUT2160
Schützenhöfer / FriedlAUT2160
3Evans / MumbyENG1920
Keefe / Tucker ENG1920
Szabó / VillámHUN1920
Villám / WindischHUN1920
5Mrkic / SverkoCRO1440
Terze / RasicCRO1440

Teams Main Draw

Entry   Seed
Pts. Tech. Pos. Team   Player 1 Player 2Country Pts. Tech.
216070601Gottardi/MenegattiValentina GottardiMarta MenegattiITA21606880
138045962Klinger D./Klinger R.Dorina KlingerRonja KlingerAUT13804076
104027263Schützenhöfer/FriedlKatharina SchützenhöferFranziska FriedlAUT10402364
5949544Evans/MumbyAnaya EvansDaisy MumbyENG6841124
4445685Keefe/Tucker Katie KeefeIsabelle TuckerENG344468
3065326Szabó/VillámAdrienn SzabóLilla VillámHUN306448
1562047Villám/WindischCsenge VillámKinga Melinda WindischHUN146182
1021718Arcaini/TheySofia ArcainiChiara TheyITA46101
56569Mrkic/SverkoEma MrkicAna SverkoCRO5656
404010Terze/RasicLucijana TerzeLea RasicCRO4040

Entries By Country

Entry   Seed
Pts. Tech. Team   Player 1 Player 2 Country Pts. Tech.
13804596Klinger D./Klinger R.Dorina KlingerRonja KlingerAUT13804076
10402726Schützenhöfer/FriedlKatharina SchützenhöferFranziska FriedlAUT10402364
5656Mrkic/SverkoEma MrkicAna SverkoCRO5656
4040Terze/RasicLucijana TerzeLea RasicCRO4040
594954Evans/MumbyAnaya EvansDaisy MumbyENG6841124
444568Keefe/Tucker Katie KeefeIsabelle TuckerENG344468
306532Szabó/VillámAdrienn SzabóLilla VillámHUN306448
156204Villám/WindischCsenge VillámKinga Melinda WindischHUN146182
102171Arcaini/TheySofia ArcainiChiara TheyITA46101
21607060Gottardi/MenegattiValentina GottardiMarta MenegattiITA21606880
Live Score


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