Feature List

Feature Overview:

  • Filterable FIVB Beachvolley Calendar
    • Refreshes automatically once FIVB database is updated
    • Links to Tournament overview for international tournaments and national tournaments (Data for national tournaments can be delayed by days or weeks)
  • Compact Tournament overview
    • Link to Player Details site
    • Link to Match Details site
    • Link to offical Youtube Livestreams (if available)
    • Self-refreshing Results overview
    • Team lists for Main Draw, Qualification, Reserve, Entry List in general and withdrawn teams
  • Match Details site (Example)
    • Team statistics
    • Point progression (only where FIVB provides data)
    • Player statistics
    • Head 2 Head results of the involved teams
    • Official Match pictures
  • Entry Ranking
    • Combined Entry and World Tour Ranking
    • Sortable and filterable
    • Can be downloaded (Excel, ...)
    • Shows ranking change of teams to prior ranking
  • Olympic Ranking
    • Sortable and filterable
    • Can be downloaded (Excel, ...)
    • Shows lowest counting result for Top 30 teams for the Olympic Ranking
  • Player Details site
    • Personal data
    • Past tournament results
    • Upcoming tournament registrations
  • Livescore
    • Self refreshing
    • Link to Match Details site for detailed statistics

Latest Changes:

May 2021

  • Upcoming tournaments where the entry list hasn't been set yet, now show the current entry points next to a team. The list is sortable and allows a quick glance on how teams are ranked based on current entry points.

March 2021

  • Added Pool Standing in tournament overview
  • Added Snow tournaments
  • Added player statistics to Match Details where FIVB provides the data (Example)
  • Added links to Livestreams in tournament overview